Goanimate! When the Expression: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words Seems Insignificant!


Have you ever attended to a conference, a course or a simply to a meeting with someone who was trying to show you something, but wasn’t able to get understood by anyone? But what if this person could transform his thoughts into animation videos? This is where GoAnimate can be useful!

Just to make sure that everybody understands what GoAnimate is, here are the major lines of this product.

GoAnimate is a free (or Pro) software that give the opportunity to his clients to create their own little animation videos. Like mentioned on free tech 4 teachersGoAnimate proposes two different ways to create a video, there is the text-to-speech movie maker, and the more complex one where characters can move and the scenes change. To create videos (like you can see on the following video) is pretty simply on this software. You chose your characters, your scenes, you place the characters wherever you want and type you in your dialogues. The software arranges the settings and puts your words into sound dialogues, everything in less than 5 minutes!

Let’s take a quick look at one tutorial!

Now that everybody knows how to use GoAnimate, I must, as a future teacher, tell you what are the major benefits of using this tool in classrooms!

First of all, I think of the benefits that this tool has with visual students. For the ones who have to see something to get to understand it this software is PERFECT! A teacher can rapidly create a video to explain a concept or only to give a visual support to what he says. Another important advantages of using GoAnimate, like shown on teachweb2, is the fact that videos can be used as educational tools by the teachers, but also as proofs of the students’ understandings of what have been shown in class. It’s a two ways device that, in my sense, can benefit as much the teachers and the students. Just like stated on the life inquired‘s blog article about GoAnimate, the possible uses of this device are almost infinite. It goes from introducing a Web-quest, to giving to students assignments, including adding features and supports to traditional presentations. In addition, GoAnimate videos can be broken into comic strip images which can be reused in many circumstances such as the creation of individual or class comic books. Those images can also be given to students as handouts to follow what is shown on the video or can be used to create a Jigsaw activity in which students have to teams up and recreate the little movie.

In my opinion, GoAnimate represents a great tool for both teachers and students and can help develop the creativity of every single person using it. The videos created on this site can also be a great alternative to too often boring Power Point presentations or even Prezi ones. Used for assignments, GoAnimate can reach more easily the students’ interests which can help avoiding off-tasking. On top of that, GoAnimate is so easy to understand, to work with and offers so many scenarios that using this tool can be nothing but a success used with a group of students!

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