Can Laptops Be Beneficial In Our Classrooms?



When I think of laptops in classrooms like mentioned in Nicole Glass‘s article, the first things that come to my mind are Facebook, Twitter and all those distracting websites!

It is true that when students have access to computers and laptops during their classes, they are often tended to do anything but listen to the teacher, but used in supervised and controlled contexts, laptops can represent great tools for students, but also for teachers!

In traditional classrooms, all the students are sitting at their desk, listening to the teacher (hopefully), taking notes on sheets of paper, reading books and doing worksheets. All those tasks seem a little bit boring and absolutely not adapted to the 21st century students. But how to integrate technologies and technological ways to teach without simply giving a disturbing device to the students? Using controlled laptops!!

The use of laptops in classrooms is something pretty new in schools and is still debated. According to some people, the use of those devices can only disturb the students and impede their learning, but for others, like me, they represent a great way to educate students on the proper use of technologies in their lives, but also a good way to interest a larger amount of students, mostly the ones that tend to drop off school.

Like mentioned on cbc news, the use of ”laptops make[s] learning more interactive and effective.” Indeed, with laptops in classrooms, students can have direct access to an infinite amount of information from all around the world, they can also express themselves on blogs, they can increase their creativity by creating original websites, and the teachers can give students online activities which are much more interactive than regular worksheets. Laptops can also give a sense of responsibility to the students and help them become more mature. Briefly, laptops in classrooms can represent a lot time saved, they can help student express themselves in any language, their first or their second or third one, it can help them improve their creativity, their sense of responsibility and also help them know how to cleverly use all the technological devices that surround them in today’s world. In addition, like mentioned in laptops school classes scores article, laptops can also have major benefits on the students’ results at school and can decrease the percentage of school drop offs.

According to me, all those advantages make the use of laptops in classrooms, something to encourage as much as possible.

However, it is important to keep in mind, that even if they are great educative tools, they can also represent one of the biggest distractions for students. To counter this point, many tools are available for the teachers. The school can restrict the access to internet by blocking certain sites such as Facebook, Twitter and etc. and teachers must supervise thoroughly their students’ screens.

To conclude, I would say that, contrary to what I thought at the beginning, laptops in classrooms, when well supervised, can have major benefits on students’ learning and can also help them getting more responsible and aware of the possible dangers linked to technologies and this is why I believe that they should be used to a certain extent in today’s classrooms. Maybe not all the time, but in certain periods of the day, on a regular basis.


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