Interactive Whithe Board: A Genius Invention or Simply a Way to Save Ink in Our Pens?


Interactive White Boards, does it ring a bell?

When you ask some older teachers, Interactive White Boards (IWBs) are waste of money, time and effort and don’t really worth using them. For younger or more open-minded ones, IWBs are revolutionizing how to teach.

Who to believe?

In my opinion, the IWB is one of the best inventions that teachers could have dreamed of. Teachers can use them to take notes and then make them available to their students, they can also use them to get their students involved in the classroom and they can also use them in order to create more dynamic courses. These are only a couple of examples of the IWBs, there are tons of others! According to me, those revolutionary boards are great tools that should be used as much as possible by the teachers. Of course, not all the teachers are able, or willing to incorporate the IWBs in their classroom, but if they were, the entire world of education would be changed!

Let’s take a look at the major benefits that can stem from Interactive White Boards!

First, like mentioned by Marysia Walcerz in her article “What Are the Benefits of an Interactive Whiteboard?“, IWBs are the perfect tools for teachers who tend to be last minute people. Indeed, let’s say for example, that you did have time to prepare extra activities for your 3rd period because you said to yourself: “Those kids are pretty slow, I won’t need any extra activity.” But then, surprisingly, the group does perfectly well that day… What are you going to do? Use your Interactive Withe Board! With this tool, in less then a minute you can have access to material to deepen your lesson, or simply to reward your students! Isn’t it wonderful!

Another important benefit of IBWs is, like stated in Thomas Radcliff’s blog “Top Benefits of Using an IWB in the Classroom“, the easiness of saving the content of your course (notes, discussion questions and answers, students’ projects, etc.) directly in you computer. Thanks to the Interactive white Boards, you can not only save the content of your course, but you can actually send it directly to the students or upload it on a platform where they can access it.  This can help teachers to save time because they don’t have to retype all their notes.

Those are, according to me, the two major advantages of the IWBs, but of course the list is much more extended. It goes from the simple integration of videos in the classroom to the complex creation of interactive mathematics shapes, formulas and so forth.

Here is an interesting website, topmarks, that can help teachers to integrate IWBs in their classroom. It suggests many activities classified according to the subjects the teachers are interested in.

After having considered all those benefits, it seems ridiculous to me not to promote the use of Interactive White Boards in our classrooms. In my opinion, IWBs only have advantages and represent a great manner to make sure that our classrooms are not completely off the track in what has to do with the complex and fast changing world of technologies.

It is clear to me that Interactive white Boards are not only a way to save the ink in our pens our the chalks in the classrooms, they are great tools to integrate in classes!


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