E-Readers in Our Classrooms? Why Not!


In your opinion, are traditional textbooks outdated? Do you believe that they are slowly losing their place in today’s society? If so, you’ll probably be happy to learn that those old books are slowly being replaced by new and technological devices in our classrooms!

Since a couple of years, some schools all around the world have started to integrate what are called e-readers in their classrooms. This seems great! Technology in our classrooms, wonderful! But what really are e-readers? What are their functions or advantages?

Let’s take a look at all those points:

What is an e-book?

“An e-reader (electronic reader) is a device for reading content, such as e-books, newspapers and documents. A standalone e-reader typically has wireless connectivity for downloading content and conducting other Web-based tasks.” whatis

How can we use those devices in our classrooms?

In some school boards, like mentioned in lulu’s blog, e-readers and e-books are slowly replacing traditional books. Indeed, the schools are slowly buying e-readers and electronic versions of their books in order to have the latest books, the latest versions and the best material possible.  Those devices can represent a great amount of money saved for the school or the parents!

Another advantage of e-readers and e-books in class is that it allows teachers to publish content on them and then make it accessible to their students. In this particular case, the e-readers can resemble computers which is a good point because students all grew up with computers.

According to me, integrating e-readers in classrooms can be beneficial. It can give a sense of responsibility to the students. They can all download the content they want on their e-reader and then have access to much more information than if they were using traditional books.

In addition to giving a sense of responsibility to the students, e-readers can help students feel more connected to the subject they are working on in class.  It can improve the interest of the students and it can help classroom management by permitting to faster students to do extra activities while others are finishing the regular ones.

After having considered all those aspects, it seems to me that e-readers and e-books are great tools to integrate in classes. It can have benefits on the students, the teachers, the parents and the schools!


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